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>> Checking to see if we have, in fact, received your file 

You will receive acknowledgment of reception once you have completed the application questionnaire and attached all documents.
This message will confirm that your application has been registered and sent to the person in charge of recruitment.

If you have not received any acknowledgment, please login to your account (left menu 'My account) and :
- Check to see if the correct e-mail address was used
- Check the status of your application under 'My Account > My Applications': if the application status indicates "Application in progress" this means that you have not confirmed that your message is ready to be sent: open your file and confirm
- Go to the menu 'My History', search through the list and find the relevant event. Then click on the envelope to view the sent email.

If this does not resolve your problem, please contact our technical support team for further assistance.

>> When will your application be processed ?

Processing of applications generally begins once the deadline has expired.

>> When will you receive an answer ?

We will reply as soon as our recruitment staff have arrived at a decision.

 >> How can I make changes to my application? 

To check your application status, log in, use the left menu 'My Applications' to access your applications and then check the column indicating application status.

- If the status reads 'application in progress', click on the job title you are applying for and complete your application

- Otherwise, contact the person in charge of recruitment to notify him/her of any changes you wish to make. 

>> How can I add a document ?

You may only add a document at the time you fill out your (see previous question, "How can I make changes to my application?").

To send a new document, please contact the person announced in the job advertisement, under the heading 'Contact'.

 >> Whom can I contact to get further information? 

All questions regarding your application should be sent to the person designated in the advertisement, under 'Contact'.

If the job is no longer posted online, log into your account, open  'My History' and click on the job title. 

> In the event of a technical problem


>> What should I do if I have forgotten my password ?

Use the link 'Forgot your password?' available on the log in page (left menu 'Accéder à mon compte').

>> How can I change my password ?

Log in to your account, then open the menu 'My preferences' and change your password.

>> What can I do if I don’t remember my e-mail address ? 

Please contact our technical support team(see below) to resolve your problem.

>> How can I change my e-mail address ?

Log into your account, open the 'My preferences'sections and change your e-mail.

 >> Why have my attachments been rejected ?

Documents attached to your application must meet two conditions: be in PDF and the size of each attachment is limited to 10MB.

- Check the properties of your attachments or seek online help for additional information on how to prepare your files.

Some browsers hamper identification of file type, so:

- Make sure you use a recent version of a browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer for PC, Google Chrome if you have a MAC station.

>> Whom should I contact if I have a technical question ? 

Online help can provide you with information about the application, its functions and mechanisms.

If you have any remaining technical questions kindly contact our technical support team.